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صفحه اصلی - contemporary musik
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Armin Amin Torabi

Armin Amin Torabi, a graduate student in music composing: He studied the piano with masters such as Ramtin Skrochi, Clara Bokuchava, and Valentin Rokaminikov.He has benefited from the teaching of professors like Alireza and Nader Mashayekhi in composing sciences. Contemporary music is the main trend and current of his composition …

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Maelstrom Soheil Shirangi And Shervin Abbasi

Brilliant, Haunting New Works From Iranian Composers Soheil Shirangi and Shervin Abbasi   Teheran-based composers Soheil Shirangi and Shervin Abbasi have released an aptly titled, haunting new album Maelstrom, streaming at Bandcamp. It’s a diverse but persistently dark collection of works for both solo instruments and small ensembles. The two draw on influences as vast …

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Ehsan Ebrahimi

Ehsan Ebrahimi was born in 1980 in Mashhad (Iran). He learned to play the santoor. This was followed by training in composing with Prof. Shahin Farhat and Farhad Fakhredini. He has been studying in Germany since December 2012. In May 2017, he earned a bachelor’s degree at the Hochschule for …

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Noise à Noise 20.4

Noise à Noise 20.4-1 and 2 (Compilation Album) First disk of the double-disk album. Noise à Noise Records (Experimental/ Noise) December 31st, 2020. “NOISE IS THE CLEF!” Noise à Noise is wishing everyone a fantastic 2020 and presenting the end of the year compilation album(s) for the season of fall, …

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Mohammad H. Javaheri

Mohammad H. Javaheri (1989-) is an Iranian Composer, was born and raised in Tehran. In 2019, he was named as “a composer we will surely still hear from in the future” (NMZ newspaper, Germany), and has been highlighted in several published news articles and websites including the LA Times. Along …

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Mohsen saghafy

He was born in an educated  and political family in Tehran in 1360. He was taught the economical, philosophical and political teachings by his father. His first musical lessons were taught by Farzad Hakim Rabeth at the age of 13 in Orf classes at Maktab-e Pars(Pars School of Music). Then, …

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