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صفحه اصلی - contemporary musik
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آلبوم نویزانویز

Noise à Noise 21.3 (Compilation Album)

Noise à Noise 21.3 (Compilation Album) Noise à Noise Records (Experimental/ Contemporary/  Noise) October 10th, 2021.   “The Noise is Now!”   ‘Noise à Noise’ is announcing its third quarterly compilation album release of 2021. It is also the third quarterly album in the third year of releases since the …

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Farzia Fallah

I was born on March 12th,1980, in Tehran. I have always enjoyed learning, and I continue to do so. Composing makes me happy, and I like very much talking about music with other people and making music together with them. I have worked with many wonderful musicians with great pleasure, …

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Pedram Diba

Pedram Diba (b.1993) is an Iranian-American composer of acoustic and electroacoustic music currently residing in Athens, Georgia, United States. His professional history includes awards such as first-prize winner at the Frost International Composition Competition, third- prize winner of the Untwelve Microtonal Composition Competition, third-prize winner of the Golden-Key International Composition …

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Parham Izadyar

Parham Izadyar (karaj.1993)  He started music at the age of 16 by playing Piano. in 2012 entered Art University of Tehran. He continued studying piano with Arpine Israelyan and he focused his work on contemporary composition with karen keyhani. since 2016 he continues his journey as a electronic composer under …

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Kimia Koochakzadeh

  Kimia Koochakzadeh-Yazdi (b. 1997 Tehran, Iran) is a California-based composer and performer. She writes for hybrid instrumental and electronic ensembles and performs electroacoustic music. Kimia explores the unfamiliar familiar while constantly being driven by the mechanism of the human psyche and exploring ways to manipulate it.     Her work …

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Atefeh Einali

Atefeh Einali currently resides in Manchester, UK. She is a PhD student in music composition at the University of Manchester. As graduate of the Art University of Tehran, she is also an active Santoor player and she has performed in the UK, Netherlands and Iran. She has also worked closely …

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