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Saba Mazaji

Saba Mazaji was born in Isfahan, Iran in 1989. She got interested in music as a child and started playing Guitar at age 10 and urged to become a professional musician in her future. After a year of studying small business management at the University of Tehran, she moved to …

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Alireza Amirhajebi

Alireza Amirhajebi Tehran/1970 Interdisciplinary artist Studied (Audio, sonar design) IRCAM.Paris. 1995-99 Collaboration in mutual project between IRCAM and Cite de Paris for controlling audio Pollution. 1997 Collaboration in Joshua Fineberg and Stephan Mc Adams workshops at IRCAM and Institute de Psychologies (Rene Descartes University. Paris 5).1997 Solo Sound performance in …

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kelariz keshavarz

Kelariz Keshavarz is an international award-winning flutist, active in classical and contemporary spheres, an avid sound artist, improviser, and pedagogue. ​ Passionate about contemporary music, Kelariz has performed in many festivals including Tehran Contemporary Music Festival (TCMF) in Iran, Missouri International Composers Festival (MICF), Flute New Music Consortium (FNMC), Music …

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Soheil Soheili

Soheil Soheili (b.1983) is an interdisciplinary artist and a researcher. His background includes learning music from an early age and studying mathematics/ engineering. He started learning traditional Persian music from his father, then experienced western musical instruments, namely guitars and the bass when he left the engineering classes for good. …

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golfam khayyam

Golfam KHAYAM has evolved into an international career as a composer and improviser. Her personal language described by I CARE IF YOU LISTEN ” has gorgeous moments of introspection…” as in Chicago Jazz magazine her duo project(NAQSHDUO) is described as ” It is a perfect testament to the universality of …

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