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Arvin Sedaghatkish - contemporary musik
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Arvin Sedaghatkish

Arvin Sedaghatkish (Tehran 1974), author, music researcher, music critic and composer, who wrote many articles, essays and reviews in Persian and English. He is/was a member of the editorial board of the Farhang-o-Āhang (2005-2010), Harmonytalk (2004-now), Āineyi-e-Khiāl (2007-2008), Ketāb-e-Sāl-e-Shaydā (2007-2011), Mehregāni biquarterly (2010-2013) (Co-founder), Zangār (2016-2017) (scientific advisor) and writes continuously in many other musicological journals and musical magazines like Honar-e-Moosighi, Gozāresh-e-Moosighi, Māhoor Quarterly and etc.

He wrote a book on the musical criticism Darsgoftārhā-ie-naghd-e-moosighi (2013) (Lectures on Musical Criticism) which is course notes of one semester Musical Criticism Workshop (2012-2013).

He also was juror or committee member of many events, competitions and festivals, among them Iranian Musical Weblogs and Websites Festival, the Biannual Book Award of Iranian House of Music, the 34th I. R. Iran Book of the Year Award, SIMF 2018, Shiraz International Music Festival Opus 2; Beethoven, the 27th Student book of the year National Festival and 36th Fajr Music Festival.

The major fields of his intellectual work and research interests are musical criticism, philosophy of contemporary musical criticism, music theory, musical analysis of Persian Classical Music (14th Hi. Sh. century)  Western Contemporary Classical Music (20th-21st century) and many other related social, historical, and cultural problems.

Some of his pieces are published in various artists albums, among them Tchārzangooleh (4 Hawk bells) in Clouds , … Va dar in pā’eiz (… and in this autumn) in Persian Night 4. Some others played in concerts, festivals and events, among them duet for Harp and Ney, Trio for Harp, Flute and Santoor, Jealousy in the Urban (Piano, 2 speakers and Electronic tape), Cantata with Bach (Fixed media), Dogah (Fixed media), 8 (Flute solo), la Fabrique (Piano and Soprano). In addition he composed a few sound tracks of short films like Vāhe (Oasis) by Mas’oud Admadi.

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